Lisa Price + Carol’s Daughter + L’Oreal = Sold Out?

L’Oreal USA has been around since forever and undoubtedly more well know and more popular then Carol’s Daughter on a global level. Carol’s Daughter owner Lisa Price (and I didn’t have to look it up) is well know in the ethnic hair community. So basically if it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense! It all comes down to MONEY!

The bottom line is, Lisa Price went into business to make money, just like many other business owners. She linked her business to L’Oreal, and I imagine she will be paid millions in return so why is everyone so upset?

1. Fear– People are afraid that the product will change.

2. Loyalty– Many women have been supporting Carol’s Daughter since inception, there are a few YouTuber’s who provided product reviews for the company and even held contest and give-a-ways that featured their products.

3. History– Let’s keep it funky and just say that “we” have a hard time keeping anything good to “ourselves”.


I don’t support all of the dirt being slung at Lisa’s name. She made a decision to sell her company like many people do but because she’s black SOME people are in a uproar and calling her a sell out.

I see her as a business woman and always have. I never saw her as a Black Leader or a Minority Spokes Person or anything else along those lines so how can she be considered a sell out?

I am suspicious of why now, after all of these years L ‘Oreal wants to expand their business to a multi-cultural demographic. Oh that’s right…… like I said before MONEY!


Meanwhile on Facebook Lisa shares this……


Yesterday morning I shared one of the biggest successes not only in my life but in my industry with my family, my staff and you. I also met with the new team that will be working with me to further the mission of “Born in Brooklyn and Made with Love.” Then last night I came home and there was homework, dinner conversation, dishes, trash and the usual household chatter. This morning I am up at 5, packing for a business trip to Chicago to be with my Ulta family. Everything changed yet it all still remains the same. The work is the work. This is the circle of my life and I am blessed to be in it. Blessed to be its steward. Blessed to be tested and challenged. Blessed to be rewarded. I am reminded of the spiritual “nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen, nobody knows my sorrows.” And they can’t know my joy. But that is okay, because I do. Have a blessed and wonderful day!

Lisa Price has since spoke with several bloggers and media outlets stating that Carol’s Daughter company brand and products will remain the same. Best wishes Lisa!