Ayurvedic Oils For Natural Growth

Ayurvedic-hair-oilsAyurvedic oils have been tested over centuries as effective ways of nourishing your scalp and the roots of your hair, in order to counteract the effects of hair loss and overall stress. It should be noted that strengthening the physiology of one’s hair goes beyond the mere application of oils and has to do with important, lifestyle changes that involve diet and exercise. However, there are certain oils that can truly do wonders to your hair when applied regularly and in the right amounts.

How To Apply Ayurvedic Oils To The Hair

The easiest way to apply oil to the hair as well as the entire scalp is to gently massage the oil in using your fingertips. Most people like to heat the Ayurvedic oils before applying them, by pouring them into a bowl with hot water. Massaging with a circular movement is best advised in order to calm the head and improve circulation and vital energy.

Next, you should leave the oil on the entire scalp for any prescribe period of time, depending on the severity of hair loss or damage you have already incurred. It’s also desirable to apply a bit of oil onto the ears and leave it overnight if possible. Using a towel over the head may make this process easier. The oils can be rinsed off using a very dilute shampoo. In fact, Ayurvedic traditions often stress the use of highly diluted shampoos in general; as there is an underlying belief that undiluted shampoos are the major causes of damaged hair.

Many Ayurvedic healers will recommend that you apply the oils at least 3 times weekly. Some people also find it easier to make a paste out of the oil by adding a bit of black bean or herbs in order to fully coat the hair.

Typical Oils Using In Ayurvedic Hair Care

Some of the most common oils used in Ayurveda are sesame oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, coconut oil and mustard oil. Each comes with its own set of unique properties proven to stimulate hair follicle development efficiently.

For example, rosemary oil may be massaged in your day-to-day routine in order to resist hair thinning, while raising blood circulation and providing the hair with important nutrients. Jojoba oil contains a wide range of important minerals copper, chromium and zinc, which can give astounding results against hair loss in as little as a few weeks. It’s important to purchase oils from reputable sellers in order to achieve the right potency.

Other powerful Ayurvedic oils include the following:

  • Olive oil: to clean the roots of the individual hair follicles.
  • Amla oil: to strengthen the follicles and prevent graying of the hair.
  • Coconut oil: to reduce dandruff and a host of other disorders of the scalp.
  • Bhringaraj oil: to thicken the hair without the side effects of using common OTC medications such as Minoxidil.
  • Japa or Hibiscus oil: to maintain the luster and color of your hair.

Alternative To Biotin For Hair Growth | Silica

When I first went natural, I picked up a bottle of Biotin from the Vitamin Store to assist with my hair growth. Unfortunately, my skin broke out terribly, and to already have “problem skin” I decided it wasn’t worth it and I threw it out.

Ever since then I’ve stayed away from any hair growth supplements until recently while doing some research I came upon something called Silica. After reading some of the testimonies I decided to order it online. This alternative seems promising and over the next 60 days I plan to put Silica to the test.

What Is Silica?

As mentioned in the video, this type of Silica is not the little packets that you find in shoe boxes. That form of silica is hazardous to humans and pets. Please throw it out!

Benefits Of Using Silica For Hair Growth

  • Stimulates Hair Growth
  • Reduces Shedding
  • Thickens New Growth
  • Improves Skins Appearance
  • Strengthens Nails

October 1st – Day One Of Taking Silica

Today I received my bottle of Silica in the mail. The directions say to take 2 pills daily with meals. I took one in the morning with my B12 and Magnesium supplements and then another at dinner with my multivitamin and vitamin C supplements.
I will update my experience with Silica over the next 60 days or so. Be sure to bookmark this page or follow me on all social networks @healthyhairzone for updates!

Best Days To Cut Hair For Growth | Moon Phases

Did you know there are days in a month that you can trim your hair for maximum hair growth? And it’s all according to the moon? I didn’t know until I ran across a blog post by Vee Mack of Coily Queens Rock! . In her post she suggests cutting your hair during certain moon phases to increase hair growth.

Since I’m do for a trim, I decided to try this out to see if it actually works.

Over the next few months I’ll be testing various methods to grow my hair longer. As an adult I haven’t been able to grow my hair longer then bra strap length (and that’s just in the back).

Best Days To Cut Hair For Growth
Provided by The Farmers Almanac

I do have a bad habit of cutting my hair too often and that’s why I decided to cut my hair only once a year from now on. I will have completed my first year next week, October 5th 2014!

This year I plan to do my yearly trim according to the moon! Hopefully, I’ll get awesome results like Vee did! To the left, you’ll find the remaining days in 2014 that are beneficial for hair cutting in order to increase hair growth.

Below you can watch a video that goes into great detail about how and if the moon effects hair growth. She gives both sides of the debate and suggests that there’s no scientific evidence that the moon effects hair growth in any way.

This was a bummer but like she said at the end of the video, there are some things that science can not explain so it couldn’t hurt to try!

What are your thoughts about this method? Do you think it’s a myth or are you willing to try it yourself? Leave your thoughts in a comment below!

9pm September 27th 2014. 

I trimmed my hair and took off approximately 1/2 inch from each of the four sections I put in my hair. It took me all of 10 minutes to do, unlike in the past when I would attempt to get each and every uneven or split hair. I just grabbed the section and ran my fingers to the very ends and clipped away all of the unruly hairs.

I followed up will my new Bringraj Hair Oil and then massaged my scalp. Tomorrow I plan to shampoo, deep condition, and then set my hair on rollers. I’m still working out my hair growth ritual but hopefully I’ll have something solid to document soon.