Toy’s Healthy Hair Care Regimen


  • Hair Growth Regimen
  • Wash And Go Regimen
  • Roller Set Regimen
  • Twist/Braid Regimen
  • Hair Straightening Regimen

Hair Growth Regimen

October 2014 I get serious about hair growth. I’ve already been able to go without trims and direct heat for an entire year and now I’m ready for some serious hair growth. I ordered some items online to assist in my hair growth journey. I’ll be closely documenting my progress on this blog by measuring my hair, taking pictures, and sharing my experiences with different products.
In the past I said I wanted longer hair but never achieved it. I’m actively creating a ritual and experimenting with different methods and will be sharing each detail on this blog. I WILL NOT be documenting this journey on YouTube until I have significant results because I think that was part of the problem before (long story).
October 5, 2014 I will begin to grow longer hair. Follow this journey by clicking here! (link coming soon) When I have a solid regimen I will add it here.

Wash And Go

Currently, I do mostly wash and go’s. October 2013 I changed my diet by excluding animal products and also started researching about ways to reduce my overall chemical consumption. This health journey made me take a closer look at the products I used for my skin and hair. I ended up throwing out hundreds of dollars worth of products. Everything from tooth paste to mascara was replaced with a healthier alternative.

Most of the products that I use now have organic ingredients or do not contain certain chemicals such as parabens. After making this change I also decided to give my hair a break from manipulation. The best way I knew how to do this was to incorporate wash and go’s into my weekly regimen.

My weekly wash and go regimen consist of co-washing with tresemme naturals, applying a leave-in-conditioner (also tresemme naturals) and then sealing the moisture in with a hair oil such as avocado oil. These products do change occasionally, especially when I’m testing out new products but, for the most part these are my staples.

Roller Sets

Roller sets are very near and dear to my heart. Roller setting natural hair can be challenging. I definitely had my fair share of “fails” but, with much practice and perseverance I over came! The trick to an awesome roller set is oil!

Using a hair oil such as grapeseed oil ( because it has a high smoke point and can be used as a heat protectant) can make an ordinary roller set, extraordinary.  My roller sets are soft, smooth, and shiny. Once the rollers are removed, I blow out the roots and wrap my hair. After a few hours my hair looks like I flat ironed it.  I actually threw out my flat iron and now exclusively use roller sets to straighten my hair. If you would like to see my prior hair flat iron regimen click here!

Twist and Braids

My favorite long term protective styles are twist and braids. I usually go for twist because they are easier to take out. When I wear my hair in twist I co-wash weekly. To minimize frizz, I use gel and tie down my hair with a silk scarf. This style usually last 4 to 6 weeks.

I currently do not deep condition and I only trim my hair once a year ( I joined the #teamnoscissorchallenge October 2013)

Overall, my healthy hair regimen is low to no heat, with lots of products that contain natural ingredients.


Like I mentioned above, I currently use roller sets to straighten my hair. I also left my previous flat iron regimen link above.
After I remove the rollers I blow out my roots with a handheld dryer and round brush. I experiment with roller wrapping but this works way better for me. When I do this I make sure to only straighten the roots (the mid shaft if I have a bend from the roller). This saves my hair ends which I’m trying to maintain in order to get more length.