Hair And Silicones | Why I Went Back To CONES!

I was never officially a curly girl but I do consider myself a wash and go fan. During my wash and go journey I studied the curly girl method and decided to eradicate all “cones” aka silicones from my hair care regimen. More recently I accidentally gave a product with silicones within the ingredients a try and was amazed at how gooooooood my hair felt.

Why Did I Stay Away From “Cones” In The First Place

Basically, it was a case of “Monkey see, Monkey do”. I follow tons of natural hair gurus online and a few years ago many of these same gurus warned against the use of “cones” when it came to naturally curly hair. Apparently, “cones” are the devil along with mineral oil, petroleum, and sulfate.

I will admit, I just followed the herd and never gave it a second thought until recently when I used Dominican Magic Deep Conditioner for the first time and noticed that it had silicones within the ingredients!

Why Cones Are Bad

The theory that silicones are bad, came from the thought process that it seals the hair shaft. Wait a minute…. I thought that was a good thing????

Well, what if these same silicones that seal the hair shaft also prevents moisture from getting in? That could be a problem especially if you have dry hair. The only way to avoid something like this is to make sure your silicone product also has moisturizing ingredients.

What are “Cones” Anyway?

Uhmmmm that’s a good question….. let’s see here……”cones” are……… I’ll be back, let me Google it……

5mins later……

via Good Hair Diaries 

Silicones are ingredients in many hair conditioners, shampoos, and hair gel products. They usually have hard to pronounce names like phenyltrimethicones or amodimethicones. Too make things easier, just remember that most ingredients ending in “cone”, “col”, “conol” or “zane” are more than likely a silicone. Silicones will produce a  build-up on the hair and scalp because they are often not water-soluble.


You can read the rest of that post by visiting Good Hair Diaries but simply put, it’s not harmful at all if you commit to shampooing and moisturizing as you should. If build up occurs just shampoo your hair and be on your marry way.

Why Cones Are Good

First and foremost, silicone makes my hair feel soooooo amazing! I missed the feeling of having slippery, buttery, soft tresses right out of the shower. I can’t believe I went this long without silicones in my regimen.

The only thing left up to debate is whether or not it’s necessary to use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the build up. I use a clarifying shampoo every 6-8 weeks or so. I rarely feel as though my hair has build up and that’s possibly because I wash my hair religiously 1-2x’s a week (more recently trying to go an entire 7 days).

Long term silicone use should not damage or harm your hair if you’re following a healthy hair care regimen. Silicones, in many cases actually can help to protect your hair strands from the elements, breakage during detangling, and even heat damage.

As of right now the only product that I have in my hair care regimen that contains silicones is the Dominican Magic Deep Conditioner that I mentioned earlier. Oppps that’s not true, I recently bought two different types of heat protectants and I’m sure they also contain silicones. Oh well….. I’m fully out of the curly girl gang!

Now that I outted myself, off to wash and deep condition with my lovely “cones” 🙂

Have A Beautiful Weekend




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