How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

Even though this video is old it’s still relevant! I’ve been called “acting white” because I wash my hair often (what kinda of foolishness is that?) I like to be clean…. so I bathe often and that includes washing my hair. How often you wash your natural hair is entirely up to you but I will warn, that if you don’t wash your hair often you’re setting yourself up for possible scalp conditions such as fungus!

How Often Should I Wash My Hair – Fungus Alert!

I’ve encountered scalp fungus on past clients who refused to wash their hair more then once a month. I’ve seen hair loss, bald spots and broken,bloody sores. I’ve also, dealt with women who would go to their dermatologist for medication only to find themselves back in the same situation a month later because they refuse to wash their hair more then once a month.

Now before you shot me, this is NOT the case for everyone and that’s why I said it’s a personal choice. If you can go an entire month without washing your natural hair then more power to you but if you can’t, don’t!

Here are some ways to tell if you should wash your hair more often……

  1. Itchy Scalp
  2. Excessive shedding (more then 50-100 hairs a day)
  3. Smell or odor
  4. Dandruff or Flakes
  5. Dryness or stiffness


Please don’t go without washing your hair if your hair is giving you signs that it needs to be washed. I know the old wives tale that “dirty hair is growing hair” but dirty hair is also susceptible to scalp and hair conditions.

I’m a bit anal when it comes to my personal hygiene so if washing my hair at least once a week causes me to forever have shoulder length hair, then so be it. The absolute longest that I can go without washing my hair is about 10 days. Even when I have mini twist in my hair, I still wash it.

What are your thoughts on how often you should wash your hair? Do you go a month or longer? If so how do you keep your hair fresh without washing it often? Leave a comment below.


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