Who’s To Blame For Hair Damage? Stylist, Products, Or You!


Yesterday, I got caught up in the YouTube vortex and watched several videos about hair damage. I was amazed at how many women would not take any of the blame for the damage done to THEIR hair. It was always their stylist or someone else’s fault. I understand that it’s sometimes easier to cast blame instead of accepting it but, some of these videos were borderline ridiculous.

I won’t link any particular video in this post but you can do a quick search on hair damage to see what I’m talking about. I was doing a little research on different methods to fix hair damage for a future post and like I said, I got sucked into the vortex.

One woman in particular made three videos on her hair damage. In each video she blamed another person. First it was her husband’s fault for stressing her out, then it was the stylist, then it was a product that someone recommended. At the end of the day, she wasn’t trying to take any of the blame.

She shares most of her hair care regimen on her YouTube channel and that’s where I found the real reason behind her hair damage. Funny thing is, reading through the comments, many other women saw it too but, she shot these comments down one by one. She really didn’t want any advice whether useful or not.

Her hair damage was indeed her own fault. She was over processing her hair and then running to the salon for “help’. I had many clients like this, and guess what? I wouldn’t service them. That’s right, if they asked for a corrective relaxer I would tell them to come back in 6 weeks. There was no way I was going to damage their hair any further.

Now I know you’re thinking “well…. if the stylist put another relaxer over the failed one then the stylist should be to blame right?”. That’s a reasonable statement but I feel as though the stylist is providing the service that the client requested (unlike me) and like the saying in most businesses goes, “the client/customer is always right”.

I don’t know what circumstances this stylist was working under. Maybe the manager at the salon would have gotten on her case if she didn’t provide the service or maybe she did refuse the service and another stylist stepped in to “save” the day. There could have been many scenarios, but who’s hair is it? Your hair belongs to you, and you are entirely responsible for it! Even if you get help for your hair damage you must take responsibility for the type of “help” you get. All because someone is a “professional” does not make them more knowledgeable about your hair then you!

We all know the chance we’re taking when we walk into a salon. I’ve been the “victim” of a bad relaxer, color, and hair cut before. I received hair damage from heat and gotten an ugly Shanaynay weave before. I was mad and wished that I never wasted my money or put my hair’s healthy in jeopardy, but I ended up walking out of that salon with the attitude that it was a lesson learned!

With all of that being said. I do believe that we need to take responsibility for our own hair. Do your research and make sure that you can deal with the consequences of possible damage. Also, be open to constructive criticism. That’s what helped me during my hair care journey.

At one point, I was in denial about my scissor happy ways until one of my subscribers set me straight. Yup, she called me out on always cutting my hair and then saying I’m going to grow it out again lol! That was almost a year ago, and thanks to her comment, I was able to go almost twelve months without cutting my hair!

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think that we’re to blame for our own hair pitfalls or is it really other entities who toss road blocks into our healthy hair journey? Voice your opinion in a comment below!


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