Wash And Go’s Cause Breakage?

After inspecting my hair last night I discovered some hair breakage. I’m no stranger to breakage around the front of my hair line but I never saw it so apparent before. Now I’m wondering if my wash and go journey could have caused my hair to break.

I haven’t straightened my hair in over a year and I used indirect heat (blow dryer and hooded dryer) maybe 4-5 times (each time using a heat protectant) this year. I haven’t changed much in my overall hair care regimen except doing wash and go’s more often.
I detangle my hair once a week in the shower and I also try my best to be gentle. Here’s a few reasons why I suspect wash and go’s may be the cause of my hair breakage.
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1. My hair was in a curly state almost all of the time and with very curly hair, comes knots and tangles which can lead to breakage when detangling.
3. The hair gel that I use to do my wash and go has protein and I believe that I am protein sensitive. Protein sensitive hair breaks easily.
4. I try to be gentle when smoothing my hair strands when it comes to defining my wash and go curls but I wonder if I may have cause some breakage during this process.
5. Not refreshing my wash and go hair daily. I would literally go 5-7 days before resetting my wash and go style, so it’s possible that my hair was just dry and that’s what caused the breakage.
I think that I need to reevaluate my wash and go regimen and incorporate more moisture and possibly try to go without hair gels all together (I cringe at the thought because my shrinkage is crazy!) Over all my hair did grow a lot and for that I’m thankful!
Speaking of hair growth, I believe that wash and go’s can help with hair growth but, if you’re not careful you may get hair breakage around the weaker areas of your hair.
The bottom line is that I must have dropped the ball when it came to keeping my hair moisturized. Or maybe it’s the hair gel…. or a little of both?  Either way, I still love wash and go’s and will continue to do them but maybe not as much. I’m actually on a wash and go hiatus while I build a hair growth regimen. I’ll get into more detail about that in a future post.
Have you experience hair breakage from doing wash and go’s? Leave a comment below!

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