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The beginning of my natural hair journey began in May of 2012, Two childhood friends and I were sitting talking about our hair and  how we wanted to go natural, one of them asked when was the last time I permed my hair, I responded about a month ago, and she was like, well make that your last perm, without hesitation, I was like cool, so we all decided that we would take the journey together. 

We would give each other tips, experimented on each other with different hair styles, when we  did our own hair, we would text the pictures to each other to ask how it looked.
 I remember a few years before telling my hair stylist that I wanted to go natural because around the nape of my neck my hair was always breaking off, my hair came past my shoulders, so i would always wear it in a wrap to hide the damage, her response was your hair is too nappy, its going to be thick, and your not going to know what to do with it, so I believed her and changed my mind.  
When I first went natural, I still didn’t know what to do with the two textures, so I would look at YouTube and get hair tips and hair style ideas, my hair had good and bad days ( the bad may have out weighted the good) but I never gave up, I had  one family member  that even tired to discourage me, saying that Natural hair wasn’t for everybody, which made no sense, I was like actually, “Natural hair is for everybody”, its not like we are born with a relaxer in our hair, so I never let comments like that bother me.
After a year of transitioning, I decided that I was going to cut the rest of the relaxer out of my head, and It was the best decision I made for my hair, I didn’t know till I cut the relaxer out how it was weighing my hair down and it was so much easier to manage. I also got so many compliments on my hair.  
Natural-hairstyles-for-black women
We all know that black girls with relaxers also hate to get their hair wet, of course I was one of them, so that stopped me from doing something that I loved to do, and that was swim, since going natural, I go swimming a few times a week,  I put on a swimming cap and don’t worry about my hair getting wet, cause if it does, I’ll just rock my wash and go. 
The best advice I could give to other’s that are trying to go natural is be very patient. If you have friends that want to go natural also, do it together. go on different websites such as Youtube and  Healthy Hair Zone for advice and tips and Never let others discourage you.
Petrina aka Triny 
2 years natural, 
Chicago IL

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