Magic Leverag Curlers Pro’s & Con’s

A few years ago I had an experience with the Curl Formers Company that turned me off from buying their product.Vakind-Hair-Curler-Magic-Spiral-Ringlets-Former-Leverage-Stretched-Length-50CM-Circle-Roller-Pack-of-40

I’m so glad that I came across this review on YouTube that lead me to Amazon where I just ordered these Curl Former dupes by Vakind called Magic Leverage. I can’t wait to do a review.

I’m pretty sure that I will not be sleeping in these because I don’t like my sleep interrupted. I’ll use my hooded dryer instead!

Also, I noticed that she used gel in order to set, along with another curling product that I’ve never heard of before.

I think that I’ll be trying setting lotion or mouse, I’m not sure yet. Anyway, I can’t wait!!!!


I received my magic leverag rollers in the mail and the first time I used them I didn’t take any pictures because it came out a hot mess. Later on I figured that it had to be the products I used so today I gave it another try and my results were much better.

curlformers-magic-leverage-dupe-knockoff-review-results how-to-magic-leverage-curformers pink-orange-curlformers-magic-leveragenatural-hair-curlformers-dupecurlformers-on-natural-hairnatural-hairstyle-magic-leveragmagic-leverage-rollers

I like the magic leverage curlers but I’m not sure that I like them better then flexi rods. My hair seems more frizzy then when I use flexi rods. I thought it was the products (and it very well may be) but I’m beginning to think that it’s something to do with the amount of tension involved.

Here are the Pro’s and Con’s:

Pro’s Of Using Magic Leverage vs. Curlformers

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy To Use (Once you get the hang of it)
  • Comes with more rollers then Curformers

Con’s Of Using Magic Leverag vs. Curlformers

  • Hair is a bit frizzy
  • May take longer to ship (Company is outside of US)
  • The seams on the hook were sharp (I ended up filing it with a nail file)


All in all, I like the Magic Leverag Rollers and I’m sure they’re just as good or even better (at a fraction of the cost) then Curlformers. I still need to work on finding something to help with the frizz but this is definitely a good way to stretch natural hair.



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