Hair Growth Spells, Prayers, Rituals & Mantras!

YouTube gives a huge amount of information about various topics, so when hair growth prayers, rituals, spells and mantras began to populate in the related searches, I just had to watch!

I found so much interesting information. Some entertaining, some odd, and some that I may actually try! Below I will briefly describe these mystical hair growth tricks, tips, and secrets!

*Disclaimer- this information was found on the internet and like with anything that you find on the internet you must use caution when attempting any of these methods. Simply put, use at your own risk. I do not promote any of these methods nor do I have personal experience using them. I just wanted to share this information for entertainment purposes.

I do however consider regimens and rituals one in the same, so you may find that I use the word ritual throughout this site.

Hair Growth Spells

You don’t have to be a Witch or practice Wicca to do a spell but, I would caution you to use at your own risk as I mentioned above. Below you’ll find a video that talks about hair growth spells that allegedly help with growing your hair to magical lengths

Hair Growth Prayers

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the expression “prayer works” but does it work when it comes to something as vain as wanting longer hair. The video below is interesting to say the least.

Hair Growth Mantras

I’ve heard of using mantras for obtaining good health and wealth but never for hair growth. This video gives you a mantra chant that can be used in conjunction with a few steps to increase hair growth!

Hair Growth Rituals

Hair growth rituals are the same as regimens in my view. I actual use the word ritual quite a bit in this blog. I’m actually building my own hair growth ritual and it will be posted very soon!

There’s another mystical way that people have claimed to grow longer hair with and I actually tried it this weekend. It’s too soon to see the results just yet but I’ll keep you posted!

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