Hair Growth Challenge Oct 2014 – Oct 2015

hair-growth-challenge-2015I’m hosting a hair growth challenge that will run from October 1st 2014 to October 1st 2015. If you’re interested in joining please join our forum and leave a comment under our Hair Challenge thread!

The rules are simple:

1, No hair cuts! ( light dusting is permitted)
2. No excessive heat
3. No excuses

That’s it! If you feel as though this is something you can do then please share your hair growth regimen in the forum.

I’ll be posting my updated hair growth regimen very soon. I ordered a ton of healthy hair goodies online and they should be here this weekend.

Look for these new videos scheduled to be posted in the month of October!

1. Hair Update Video
2. Hair Growth Haul Video
3. Official Hair Growth Challenge Video

Happy Hair Growing

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