My Fine Natural Hair Situation | A Journey To Thicker Hair?

Relaxed To Natural Because Of Fine Hair

Before I went completely natural in 2009, I had relaxed hair. During this time I became concerned with the thicknesses and density of my strands. There’s something called fine hair that should not be confused with thin hair. Fine hair means that your individual hair strands are thin without the loss of hair follicle density. So in essence, I have medium thickness with fine hair strands. Over the next few months I will be searching for remedies to improve my fine natural hair.

When I was relaxed, I began to notice that once my hair grew pass my shoulders, my ends would become really raggedy. This was the extent of my relaxed hair growth. I just figured, I was suppose to have “shoulder length hair” for the rest of my life, unless I did something about it, and that’s where I decided to transition from relaxed to natural hair.

Being A Natural With Fine Hair

This is me at the age of 5. As you
can see my hair was and still is
medium thickness.

I’m completely natural now and my hair ends are not as bad as they were when I was relaxed but, my hair is still fine. I had to do some picture research to make sure this wasn’t an issue of thinning hair. I dug up this picture to the right and a few others (that I was too embarrassed to post) and I noticed that my hair’s thickness looks about the same. So I can rule out hair thinning.

Limiting Heat To Thicken Up Hair

In an attempt to thicken up my hair, for the past year I’ve reduced heat styling and did mostly wash and go’s. When I did use heat, I stayed away from direct heat (flat irons & curling irons). I blew out my hair once, did two rollers sets, and diffused maybe a hand full of times, (every time making sure to use heat a protectant), and still…… I have fine hair!

This is me the first year I went natural (my hair
is wet in both pics) My fine medium thickness
hair appears to be similar to my kindergarten
picture on the upper left. 

I wonder if my hair has always been like this and I never noticed. Like I said earlier, I don’t see much of a change in my hair throughout the years but I’m still curious. It’s only recently that I started to consider that fine hair may be the culprit behind my struggle to get past bra strap length.

When I was relaxed, I was happy with my length. I would trim often without hesitation but, now I’m on a hair growth journey and fine hair can be difficult to grow past a certain point. As soon as I hit the length that I’m at now (picture below) I feel the need to do a “good” trim. This is what prompted me to trim only once a year. I’m approaching year one of the #teamnoscissors challenge and I’m do for a trim this coming week.

This is my fine natural hair currently at
bra strap length.

Products For Fine Hair

I’ve stayed away from any products that are labeled with keratin/protein since deeming myself protein sensitive a year ago. My hair was very dry and coarse so I switched up my products to incorporate more moisture into my hair care regimen. Since then, my hair’s manageability and moisture levels are well balanced so It might be safe to gradually add some strengthening products back into the mix.

Hair Growth With Fine Hair

The longer my hair becomes the more noticeable my fine hair is (at least to me). My hair is still at medium thickness but the strands themselves are thin. So, now I need to figure out how to grow my hair past bra strap length with fine hair.

Am I forced to incorporate protein back into my hair care regimen with the possibility of damaged hair do to protein sensitivity? Or should I just except these fine strands for what they are, and keep my natural hair at this length forever?

I know that my hair is capable of growing longer because in middle school my hair was around waist length. It took years to get there but, it got there nonetheless. Hopefully my mom can provide me with a picture so I can upload it to this blog in order to show you someday.

Deep Conditioning Fine Hair

So it appears that I may have to eat crow and start deep conditioning again. A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about how I didn’t think deep conditioning was necessary for healthy hair. (yikes!) but now, I’m reconsidering this because of my fine hair situation. Protein treatments help to build and strengthen thin or fine hair. I just have to be really careful since my hair is fussy when it comes to protein.

After looking at several videos on YouTube I found this video very informative and entertaining. She really gives a lot of great suggestions for those of us with thin or fine hair. Some of the products she mentions in this video I’ve never heard of so I’ll have to do a little research before buying them.

If you have fine natural hair and on the same journey as I am please leave your suggestion in a comment below. Also, be sure to subscribe and bookmark this post as I will be updating this frequently as I find things that work for my hair

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