3 Ways To Stretch Natural Hair After A Wash And Go

I love wash and go hair. For the past year, I’ve been exclusively doing wash and go’s as part of my healthy hair regimen. Stretching a wash and go hairstyle is easy. I listed a few ways to go about this below. My favorite way to stretch is step 1, however steps 2 and 3 work just as well!

A Bun To Stretch Natural Hair

1. Bun

One night I was so sleepy I just decided to throw my hair into a bun and the next morning I was shocked to see how well this worked! When you first let your hair down a few pieces may be out of sort but with a little fluffing your hair will return to it’s normal shape in a few minutes. 

2. Blow Dry

Blowing drying, is a really quick way to both dry and stretch your natural hair. I do recommend that you use a heat protectant to prevent heat damage. 

3. Flat Twist

This is the very first method that I tried to stretch my wash and go’s. It works well and gives your hair a big fluffy look. Just be sure to not comb through your hair too much or you’ll loose curl definition.

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