Pebco Pro Tools Ionic 2500 Stand Hood Hair Dryer Review W/ *Video*

PEBCO Pro Tools Ionic 2500
Stand Hood Dryer 2000 Watts (Model:ED2500)

Pebco Pro Tools Ionic Hood Hair Dryer ED2500

Are you tired of going to the salon often or just spending a lot of time air drying your roller sets? Or maybe you’re not satisfied with your current hooded dryer? With Pebco Pro Tools Hooded Hair Dryer, you can get the benefit of saving money and time drying your hair on your own without sacrificing professional results. This product is definitely an impressive one to own and it provides features that are worth the price.
When using this hooded dyer, you can set it to the time and temperature that you prefer, and enjoy sitting underneath it while listening to music or checking your emails. Unlike other dryers that are out on the market, this one is extremely quite and comfortable. It is equipped with features that are sure to amaze you. Many people (including myself) have already tried it and are convince that it is indeed worthy of its price.

Features That Pebco Pro Tools Hooded Hair Dryer Has To Offer

This product offers great features that you failed to get from your old hooded dryer. Its main features are the following:
  • Ionic Feature
This unique ionic technology feature is made to give any natural hair a smoother and shinier look. Anyone wanting to give their natural hair a shinier and smoother look without applying any products is sure to be impressed with the great wonder that this technology can offer.
  • 2500 watt power
It can provide a total of 2500 watt power, which means that it can easily provide the power you need for any heat setting that you want. This feature will surely make your hair drying experience as easy and fast as how you want it to be.
  • 2 switches for timer and temperature indicator
You will not have to worry about adjusting the temperature at a time period that you want since it is equipped with 2 separate switches for the timer and temperature. The timer switch does not create a disturbing sound while drying up your hair and is complete with a gentle “ding” sound as soon as the timer is done. The temperature switch has color indicators for cold, warm and hot setting, which makes it easy for you to adjust it.
  • Opening hood, height is adjustable and equipped with movable wheels
You will not have to be bothered with how you can get a comfortable posture with Pebco Pro Tools Hooded Hair Dryer as it is equipped with an opening hood to easily let you in and out underneath the dryer. The hood can be tilted slightly, so it can be adjusted up and down just the way your height requires and can be moved side to side. The product also has movable wheels that will give you the convenience of moving it to the area where you prefer drying your hair.
  • Faster drying time
Since it is using over 2000 watt of power, you can now have shorter hair drying time. Say, you were used to having an hour and a half for getting the results that you want. With Pebco Pro Tools Hooded Hair Dryer, you can have it done in about an hour or even less than that.
These features of are definitely a great option for anyone wanting to have a convenience and ease when taking care of their natural hair.

Pros Of Getting Pebco Pro Tools Hooded Hair Dryer

Aside from the benefits of getting better features than your old hooded dryer or your blow dryer, you get the chance to take advantage of doing any hairstyle that you want with your rollersets. This product is sure to give you the convenience of finding the right setting for stretching your natural hair into lovely curls that you need for a particular style. It will help you with transitioning your hair into the natural curly hair styles that you’re looking to achieve.
Many people would think that it’s just like any other dryer on the market but, what they don’t realize is that this product is equipped with enough power and advanced technology that could provide a salon finish after its first use. Furthermore, it’s especially manufactured for those wanting to get professional equipment for creating different hairstyles for their natural hair.

Cons to Expect from Pebco Pro Tools Hooded Hair Dryer

According to other people who have already purchased the product, they were surprised with the product arriving in several pieces. But what it only needs is a little assembling process and it can be used as soon as possible. It comes with a manual where people can read through the instructions on how to assemble the hooded dryer and get it working whenever they want. It’s only three pieces and I assembled mine in under 10 minutes. Also some felt like the finish bell was loud and scary but it doesn’t bother me at all (demo in the video below)

What Other People Have to Say About it

Most people who have tried the product were greatly satisfied with how it worked. Many have rated it with 5 stars, making it a product worth trying and using for a long time.

Verdict for the Pebco Pro Tools Hooded Hair Dryer

At a price of over $200, anyone would say that this product is way too expensive for a hooded dryer but once you get to use it with all of the mentioned features above, you will definitely not regret a single dollar! Getting a unique hairstyle for naturally curly hair such as a roller set, is definitely a worry for many since they would usually entrust it to the experts but, with this product, anyone can get the results that they want by just using this sitting in a chair.
So, if you’re one of those people needing a replacement for their blow dryer or current hooded dryer, Pebco Pro Tools Hooded Hair Dryer is definitely a great product to try. With all the features and its benefits mentioned, you are assured that you can get the best out of it.

If you are thinking about buying this hooded dryer check out the professional hooded dryer options by visiting Amazon.



It’s been a few months and I still really love my Pebco. I have no regrets and I highly recommend it to anyone considering buying this unit. It was well worth the money, and has paid for itself with it’s efficiency and reliability. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t purchase it sooner. Here’s a few things that I absolutely love about this hooded dryer.

1. Ionic Feature- It’s something to this ionic technology that does wonders to our hair. My hair is noticeably softer and shinier after roller sets. I even upgraded my handheld dryer to make sure it was ionic too.

2. The Design- It’s comfortable…… way better then my last hooded dryer. The actual hood tilts slightly to accommodate your posture. It also swivels from side to side and can be raised up and down to fit your height requirements. 

3. Faster Drying Time- I went from 1 1/2 hrs to 45-60min!

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